At Neways we’re always looking to exploit new technology - so we remain at the forefront of our sector. Not only that, we’re dedicated to using technology to improve our customers’ experience with us.

Here are some examples...

Robust evidence collection and better connecting the desk to the field

All of our people in the field use patented Eviid technology on our smart phones (Eviid). This not only enables them to instantly upload high resolution images and video footage from site to desk, but also provides a recorded live streaming link, allowing our people in the field to conference with people in the office and indeed our clients, in order to provide a full understanding of current circumstances at a remote site.

Eviid provides electronic data collection via forms and signature capture as well and a facility to send a link to a customer empowering them to record their own images and videos of their property, including using the two-way conferencing facility and upload these straight to our office.

Eviid assists us to complete jobs more quickly and reduces costs whilst at the same time evidencing pre-start and post-completion conditions of a site and the work that we have done there, that’s tamper free.

Smart, efficient working with peace of mind we can pass on to our customers

We’ve invested in Microsoft Azure hybrid cloud technology and a SIP based phone system, which means that as well all of our data being robustly and securely stored on the cloud, we are not limited by location for access to it. This makes our business flexible and well prepared from a continuity standpoint providing peace of mind to our customers.

And what’s more, we’re able to seamlessly ‘scale up’ as Neways continues to grow and our customers’ needs increase.

Getting a better insight into our business

We’ve designed and built our own sophisticated web based customer relationship management system.

Along with thorough records of our conversations with customers and the details of the work we complete, the system manages the workflow of our jobs and monitors performance again key milestone targets. We’re able to share this data with our clients via an integral suite of management reports.