Services: Buildings Drying & Restoration

We’ve many years’ experience in high quality drying and restoration work.

So when there’s been damage to a property – a home or a business - due to severe weather, a fire or a leak – we can help.

We will always do our best to restore a building and its contents with minimal disruption to its occupants, where possible ensuring that the property remains inhabitable. We understand how important it is for people to remain in their home or business if they can after a disaster. We also offer a complete end-to-end service enabling the building repair work to follow seamlessly on from the drying process.

And what’s more, we work hard to let our customers and clients know what’s happening every step of the way.

Fast, responsive and capable

Realising the distress and upset damage to a property can cause, we work at pace – knowing that the first 24 hours after an incident is critical in shaping how a property recovers.

We get our drying technicians on-site quickly to assess the situation and devise and implement a damage mitigation plan.

We only allow our own people to carry out work for our customers – so we’re confident they can guide our customers through the entire process. They’re equipped with the latest tools, technology and training to consistently deliver the highest possible standards on every job.

Quick water removal and advanced drying techniques

Our people work with urgency to contain the damage and stabilise the property to stop the spread of damp and mould.

The pumping out of excess water and sewage begins straight away. We install industrial dehumidifiers and air movers on-site to thoroughly dry the property.

A quick, effective clean-up

We’ve the experience, tools and techniques to thoroughly clean and sanitize properties following water damage.

Our people understand that in many cases, water logged items can be saved with a quick response and the right approach. They’re highly trained to clean, disinfect and deodorise clothing, bedding, rugs, carpets, curtains and furniture.

But it’s not just water damage

We’re also adept at handling fire or smoke damage. Or even fungal growth and mould build up.

Whatever the situation demands – restoration, drying or clean-up - we quickly restore the balance for all of our customers.