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At Neways we've gone from being a small, family business operating from the home of one of the directors back in 1971 - to a cutting edge chartered building company serving the north of England and the Midlands.

We've achieved that through putting our customers first and striking the perfect balance between respecting building traditions, whilst exploiting new technology - so we remain at the forefront of our sector.

It's an exciting time to be working in the building industry. It's changing rapidly and we're changing with it.

We offer a full range of services from building and structural repairs and refurbishment - to contents removal and storage. And what's more, we provide for customers in both commercial and residential sectors.

We're so passionate about what we do, we only allow our own people to carry out work for our customers. It's our way of making sure we consistently deliver the highest possible standards on every job. And whilst our people combine those old fashioned attributes of punctuality, reliability and honesty – they're also equipped with state-of-the-art technology, tools and training.

We genuinely care about our customers, our people and the environment we work in. Simple things, like making a site safe to work in or leaving a customer's premises tidy after a job – is all second nature to us.

And we're a forward-looking, dynamic company too – dedicated to keeping ahead of the game by using the latest technology to deliver an outstanding service .

Read how we put our customers first during the unprecedented floods back in 2007.


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